New Billing System

Contract for the design, installation, testing and commissioning of a billing system for a telecom operator. This included the drafting, vetting and negotiation of the contract and the resultant variations and amendments during the implementation phase.

VAS Products

With the development of the GSM Telephony many services emerged as the mobile gaming, ring tones, and the various content services which were treated as Value Added Services (VAS). Those services were lately developed to include mobile TV and most recently Mobile Data. All those services needed regulations and contracts.

Content Contracts

With the advancement and development of the Mobile Telephony, new companies emerged who designed what was called Mobile content such as ring tones and other applications. Those companies sold their content to Subscribers thruogh Telecom Operators. This necessitated the design and creation of certain back to back contract between the Content Aggregators on the one hand and the mobile subscribers on the other hand.

Cable Systems Agreements

With the development and expansion of Telecommunications and the variety of services, the need arose for telecom operators to build Submarine cable systems to economize the costs and find better cost for their services. Therefore quite a few companies organized and built submarine cable systems to obtain cheaper capacity for their own use and that they can, in turn, sell to others. We worked on quite a few cable systems agreements.